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Epoxy Screeds are generally used in heavy-duty industries as a consequence of its high strength & impact resistance.

Common purposes of Epoxy Screeds are;

  • They are used to resurface gangways, oftentimes with concrete
  • Production areas with a lot of site visitors as they are highly durable when compared to the various alternatives
  • Chemical plants surfaces because of their outstanding chemical resistance
  • Water treatment facilities mainly due to their low-odor qualities as well as their other advantages
  • Breweries and pub cellar floors because of their hygienic qualities coupled with low cost
  • Engineering shops, steel work facilities, for their many advantages in comparison with possible alternatives.
  • Electro plate workshops due to the wide array of advantages they create
  • Machine shops and mechanical garages because of high durability and non slip qualities
diagram for epoxy screeding

Advantages of Epoxy Screeds

Products such as this are highly durable, which is why you can use them in high traffic places. They are able to withstand wear and tear much better than various other flooring products.

Epoxy screeds are non-slip. This is exactly what makes them popular within industries where the use of water is prevalent like water treatment plants.

Epoxy screeds are high strength. The strength of Epoxy screeds is what makes them quite handy in places, which may have lots of heavy machinery that may exert heavy pressure on floors like machine shops.

Epoxy screeds have great resistance to chemicals, which means they could be used within chemical plants without getting corroded.


Epoxy screeds are simple to lay and maintain. This means that you could have them installed within a short time, and maintain them at a very low cost to your business.

Epoxy screeds are non-porous, which means that they don’t let fluids get inside the underlying surface to cause damage. The absence of porosity enables Epoxy screeds to increase hygienic levels.

Epoxy screeds can be purchased in a wide selection of colours.

new installation by our Epoxy Screed Installer in Manchester

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